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Prolog Ltd Is a Limited Liability Company. The Sole Director is David Hitchens.

The key staff at Prolog have over 50 years' experience in Manufacture and Project and Contract Management, and have been in a partnership with New Zealand Post and its subsidiary Transend for over 15 years as a major supplier of Equipment, Design and Consultancy. This relationship has seen us supply to over 14 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Trinidad, Sweden, Malta and many others. Some 600 to 700 20-foot containers worth over 40 million dollars have been procured and exported for New Zealand Post and Transend; we have never had product failure or recall of product and have always met contract delivery on time and to cost.

As well as export, Prolog supplies New Zealand Post with a wide range of products from sorting equipment through to street receivers.

Prolog uses what they believe are the best suppliers in each particular field of manufacture required for individual tasks.

Prolog are committed to ensuring the products manufactured for their customers are constantly updated to meet changes in the working environment and needs, having anticipated the customer's needs and made design changes before being asked.

Prolog are also heavily involved in the Design and Manufacture of Street Furniture, Bike Stands and Recycle Bins.

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