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Horizontal Sorting Frames

Adjustable Compartment Horizontal Sorting Frames

Maximises sorting efficiency and processing space with one frame, for horizontal sorting of letters and/or large envelopes.

This innovative adjustable compartment horizontal sorting frame provides an ergonomic but space efficient sorting frame that can easily be adjusted between letters and large envelopes. Adjustable compartment horizontal sorting frames have the potential to make positive impacts on efficiency, quality and utilisation of space and resources in mail operations.

Future Proof Design

Easy Adjustment

Readily customised for differing sort plans, product sizes and operator needs.


Each module can be independently configured for optimal sorting of either Letters or Large Envelopes.

Any mix of modules can be developed to meet customer requirements. With regard to an adjustable compartment horizontal sorting frame with one frame of three modules  the following information applies:

Letter C5/DLE
No of compartments 35
Columns 5
Compartment width and depth adjusted to the dimensions of Letters
No of rows @ 100mm 7
The usable height can be customised
Large Envelope Foolscap/A4
No of compartments 21
Columns 3
Compartment width and depth adjusted to the dimensions of Letters
No of rows @ 100mm 7
The usable height can be customised

Ergonomic Features

The integration of ergonomics in the design of these sorting frames maximises the efficiency of sorting and minimises workplace accidents. Detailed analysis of the causes of muscular injuries suffered by sorters (notably to the back) highlighted issues that are addressed by the ergonomic principles applied in the frames design.

The frame, modules and contoured work surface are designed to fit the natural sorting arc of the mail sorter so that the sorter can easily sort into all compartments without any stress or strain from twisting or bending.

Robust Construction

Constructed of high grade steel and strengthened plastic providing a stable base with a high weight load bearing capacity

Independently tested for strength, structural stability and durability

Adjustable feet to provide a level and stable environment even on uneven floor surfaces

All components are designed, manufactured and finished with the safety of personnel in mind



Work surface

Information display panels

Task Lighting

Electrical supply

Mail Tray Holder

Other Information

The adjustable compartment horizontal sorting frame complements the tubular vertical sorting frame providing a full range of flexible, multi configurable and ergonomic sorting solutions.

NB: Due to licensing agreements this product is not available for sale in New Zealand.

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