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Cycle Cones with canopy and display panels

Cycle Cones can be used for storing bikes, securing bikes and displaying bikes.

Ideal for Schools, Universities, Local Authorities, Train Stations, Local Shopping Centres, Neighborhood Stores, Public Buildings, Stadiums, Bike Retailers, Hire Companies, Tourist Operators, Malls, Supermarkets, Playgrounds, Beaches, Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings and more.

The Cycle Cone is a modern, innovative storage design that secures eight bikes in a two meter diameter, 30% less space than other bike stands!

Cycle cones and 1/2 Cycle Cones with or without canopies and display panels can be supplied where there is no under cover shelter and/or space is at a premium.


Manufactured from tubular steel and galvanised.
Canopy powder coated in a colour of your choice.


Canopy - 2.26m diameter
Base - 2.22m diameter, 1.7m height
Overall height - 2.25m.


Stand can be Dyna-bolted to a concrete pad supplied by the customer or seal using concrete plugs.
Stand comes equipped with cables for cyclists to use when locking thier wheels, frame and removable seat using their own lock in conjunction with the cable.
The stand also features how to "Park and Lock" sign/s.

Recoup your investment:

Advertising: (Optional)

A Circular sign can be affixed to the outside rim of the canopy with steel locking brackets.


400mm high x 8.4m long
There are 4 display panels 400mm high x 2.1m long


Galvanised steel panels with clear polycarbonate framed cover that can be removed for installation of advertising and is affixed to the galvanised steel panels with security locking bolts panels can feature up to four advertise.

At the top there are a few photos of where some of these have been installed.

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